Clare creates her artwork through the exploration of paper constantly refining and looking for perfection whilst embracing the versatile qualities of strength and fragility. Through precision hand cutting and folding, her pieces evolve over time through methodical repetitive motions building layer upon layer resulting in highly textured mesmerising pieces of art which draw the viewer in. The methodical approach Clare takes is rooted in her love of maths and science continually being inspired by patterns in nature. 

Clare’s work has been exhibited across the UK winning the Rugby Open in 2013 and more recently winner of the Best Exhibitor Award in the Made in the Middle exhibition a touring exhibition showcasing the best Craft across the Midlands. Her work has also attracted international attention with commissions coming from French fashion house Hermes and was also selected for the 250th Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts. In 2018 Clare was awarded Next Wave Associate at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists.

Clare also runs paper cutting/sculpture workshops introducing participants to different ways of working with paper. She thrives on working with people and challenging them creatively helping them on a journey exploring the potential of themselves and the material.